Problems are always solved when dedicated experts are all in the same place, waiting to help you!

When something goes wrong and you need reliable and expert advice instantly, uploading a video of your problem to our award-winning app couldn’t be easier!

Interact with local experts in real time.

Allowing our experts to watch your short video rather than read a description of your problem provides a much higher problem solving rate!

Itsgonewrong.com is so clever, it has its very own location and category matcher. This means it will help match you with the right local expert to help you to solve your problem.




It’s as simple as ‘point – film – upload’

The answers to all your questions will coming flooding back to you in seconds, and you can get on with your day.



Our Team


You can visit the articles section if you are looking for something specefic, here are our contributors:
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Andrew Payne  – Author – Computer engineer and Self-proclaimed nerd.

David Palmer – Author – “David The DIY Guy”.

Ethan Moore – Author – AFPA Certified holistic and preventative nutrition professional, and a fitness and sports nutrition specialist.

Jean Miles – Author – Professional Health and Fitness Coach

John Cole VMD – Author – Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

Olivia Marsh – Author – Professional chef and Travel enthusiast.

Peter Hall – Author – Professional investment advisor and licensed broker.



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