How to Avoid Looking Overweight With Your Fashion Choices

Sure, your weight is never going to go up and down through what you wear, but few would disagree that your fashion choices can at least fool the eye and make you look better or worse than you really are.



As the title may have given away, we’re here today to look at some of the big mistakes that people make when it comes to fashion and figures. Unfortunately, there are some classic faux pas’ that can even make the smallest person look grossly obese.

Following on from the above, here is how to boost your figure by just avoiding the six common fashion mistakes below.


Mistake #1 – Excessively layering up


Layers is something of a tricky topic. On one hand, if done correctly, they can help to create the perfect outfit. On the other, if overdone, they can make even the smallest person look huge.

The solution is simple, you’ve got to balance things out. Layering is fine, but only in moderation. In other words, if you want to wear a loose garment, that’s completely acceptable so long as you layer with something tight underneath.

If on the other hand you went for two loose garments, it’s here that the problems start and your figure starts to look far bigger than it really should.


Mistake #2 – Big and bold shoes


This is probably one of the more interesting points that we’ll discuss. Even though you might take the “out of sight, out of mind” view with your shoes, in actual fact they can emphasize your figure even though they’re nowhere near your curves.

Unfortunately, if you opt for shoes boasting fat heels and a huge platform, you’re just asking for trouble. Sure, a select minority might be able to pull it off, but on the whole, it’s a no-go area for most of us.

The reasoning is simple – it makes the lower half of our body look much heavier than it really is. The chunky-factor in the shoes links all the way to your legs and before you know it, the whole of your lower body just doesn’t look in good shape.

Instead of the bold approach, opt for thinner shoes. If you can get away with pointed toes you will have done your figure no-end of favors – this can really make a difference to your legs and gift them the slim-factor.


Mistake #3 – The puffy coat


Out of all of the ways to “look after” your figure, we’re going to hope that this is one of the more obvious ones.

While puffy coats can make a superb fashion statement, it goes without saying that this is only the case if they’re on the right shoulders. The nature of the coats means that for anyone of average size or a little bigger, they can absolutely wreak havoc to how your figure appears to others.

The majority of these coats aren’t cinched to your waist and this means that instead of the elusive hourglass figure, you’re left with something that’s more apple or pear-like.

If you can find a puffy coat that does cinch at the waist you might be onto a winner but failing that, we’d advise turning elsewhere.


Mistake #4 – Trying to cover everything up


The previous point might have been obvious, but this next one can probably be classed as “understandable”. In other words, we completely get why some people try and hide their body with clothes and wearing as much fabric as possible.

It’s their way of attempting to hide the things that they don’t want people to see; the curves and everything else along those lines.

Unfortunately, in carrying out the above, the opposite effect is achieved. In other words, it just adds to your waistline and makes you look much rounder than you really are.

Instead, you should be looking to show off your shape and beat off the above problem. Even if you think that your waist is a little too large, compliment your outfit with a belt and attempt to negotiate the problem a little more shrewdly.


Mistake #5 – Clothes that are too tight


Let’s put something of a disclaimer out about this next tip; it’s not necessarily a mistake for everyone. Unsurprisingly, if you have the body to die for, wearing tight clothing is probably the best piece of advice you can follow. You’ll ooze sex appeal and there really isn’t anything wrong with the process.

Unfortunately, few of us boast that “body to die for” image. Instead, we’re left with something much more average, or maybe a little worse.

If you opt for something which is too tight (and we mean, really tight) all you are doing is emphasizing all the curves that you should be looking to hide away.

Instead, you’ve got to opt for the tailored approach. As we’ve already mentioned, you can’t go for overly loose clothes, but at the same time excessive tightness is just asking for problems. Find that happy medium with the fit of your clothes and your body image will thank you for it.


Mistake #6 – The double-baggy problem


We’ve just spoken a lot about finding a good fit, and that’s where this next mistake comes into play. This isn’t necessarily a “classic” problem, as having multiple baggy garments is probably only a style that is popular with small groups of people. If you fall into said group, you are highly likely to be committing an obvious fashion faux pas though.

Oversized garments have their place – but it has to be in moderation. If you go for a baggy top, and baggy trousers, it’s just making your figure appear so much bigger than it really is.

Instead, keep the numbers down. Just wear one baggy piece and combine it with something fitted. The end result is something hugely stylish and also something that isn’t going to make you seem ‘x’ pounds heavier than you really are.

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