Constipation: The Best Way to Beat it and Stop it

It’s something that happens to everyone – and it also happens to be one of life’s most annoying problems. Unfortunately, there’s never going to be a worldwide cure for constipation, but there are steps you can take to at least stop it happening for you, or cure it if you have already got to that stage.


This is the reason this guide has been put together. We will now take a look at the best way to cure constipation if you are already suffering, followed by some top tips if you don’t want the issue to occur again.


What should you do if you are constipated?


It sucks, we know that, but there is hope. Most of this hope surrounds food, and we will now take a look at some of the best foods you can consume in a bid to relieve your constipation problems once and for all.



Beans have something of a reputation when it comes to this area of the body, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to read that they are top of our suggestions list this time.

Something that will quickly come apparent through this list is that fiber needs to be your friend. This is the substance that is going to relieve your problems and suffice to say, beans contain this in abundance.

In short, for every cup of beans you consume you can expect around 10g of fiber to enter your body. The best part about this fiber is that it comes in the form of both soluble and insoluble, meaning that it offers the ultimate relief.

In terms of the types of beans you can enjoy, the world really is your oyster. Whether its baked beans, lima beans or black-eyed beans, they all work and will get things flowing again.



Next on the list is something along a slightly different vein. It might not be the first food on everyone’s mind, but kiwi can work wonders when it comes to constipation. It’s worth mentioning that it’s the flesh that really makes a difference here, so make sure that this isn’t peeled away.

In comparison to beans, the benefits aren’t quite as potent but you can still expect to receive about 2.5g of fiber for every kiwi you consume. Considering all of the other vitamins that enter your body, this isn’t a bad deal at all. Additionally, various scientific studies have shown that kiwis do promote bowel movements as well – so it’s not based on any sort of myth.



Following on from kiwis, let’s stick with another fruit. If you’re really in the mood for something sweet as you bid to cure your ailments, berries can be a fantastic choice. Again, the type really doesn’t matter; choose from raspberries, blackberries, strawberries or anything else that takes your fancy.

The exact fiber details vary slightly depending on the type, but to give an idea you should expect to consume about 4g for every 1/2 cup of raspberries.



These foods have been the centerpiece of so many superfood articles over the past few years that it borders on the ridiculous. However, there’s no doubting their importance and when it comes to constipation, it’s something else that you should at least be considering.

In some of the other foods we have spoken about we’ve said that the type doesn’t matter. In the case of nuts, it does. Almonds, walnuts and pecans have more fiber than others – with some containing as much as 3.5g per ounce.



If you want to turn to a vegetable for your relief, you will be pleased to read that 1/2 cup of broccoli contains about 2.8g of fiber. Additionally, there’s plenty of versatility here, and you can comfortably eat broccoli either raw or cooked, or as a main meal or snack.


What should you do to avoid constipation?


Hopefully, all of the above foods have helped to relieve your constipation. However, what should you do in a bid to avoid the problem happening again?

This is the reason we have penned this section of the guide. We will now mull over some of the best tips to stop constipation blighting your day-to-day life ever again.


Your toilet routine needs to become a schedule

It sounds bizarre, but your toilet routine is actually really important as you bid to avoid the dreaded C-problem. A lot of people feel very self-conscious about their trip to the toilet, and will therefore put it off. The problem is, this can cause constipation.

As such, make your toilet time part of your routine. Any meal in the morning is likely to tell your colon that it’s time to go (usually about thirty minutes after the meal). As such, work this into your morning routine so you can go at home, and avoid any embarrassing feelings you might experience whilst using a public restroom.


Water works wonders

For such a simple ingredient, it’s quite amazing the effect that water can have on the human body. In terms of preventing constipation, it’s up there with the best as well. Experts recommend that you should consume around eight 8-ounce glasses every day. By doing this, your stool will be softened and the chances of constipation occurring immediately diminish.

The best tip to ensure that this always happens is to keep a large bottle by your side the entire day. If you can get hold of a 64-ounce bottle, you’ll know that it’s job-done as soon as you have consumed it all.


Make sure your eating routine is in order

Many people are under the impression that eating infrequently is the key to avoid constipation, or even stop it if you already have the problem. In actual fact, the complete opposite is true.

That’s right; when you eat you will cause more food to maneuver around in your gut. Unsurprisingly, this is the exact result that you require. Without this movement, nothing is going to shift, and that infamous problem immediately occurs.

The best suggestion is to kick-start with breakfast, for the very same reasons we documented earlier on in the guide in relation to your toilet schedule.


Be careful with fiber

We’re going to end the guide with something of a warning about fiber. As you have probably already guessed, it’s one of the best ways to rid your body of constipation symptoms. It can really get things moving and, over time at least, cure the problem.

You really should exercise caution before turning to it in abundance though. One of the biggest mistakes that people make is turning to a huge amount of fiber, just to get things moving in record speeds.

Unfortunately, the above approach is plagued with all sorts of side effects. Sure, your constipation will go (not immediately, we should add), but only after plenty of bloating, gas, diarrhea and a whole host of other unpleasant symptoms.

As such, increase your fiber intake gradually and if you aren’t sure about this ingredient, at least turn to a supplement such as Citrucel which has the same positive effects in relation to constipation, but doesn’t bring all of the above onto your body.

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