The Key to a Silent Sleep: How to Get Rid of Snoring

Snoring is one of those things that just seems natural for some people. You either do it or you don’t. You’ll have that one friend who will say “Sorry if I kept you up; I’m a snorer.” People snore, and that’s a fact of life, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Woman sleeping - Get Rid of Snoring

There are different ways to keep yourself from snoozing so loudly. So, if you or a friend you know is trying to stop their snoring, then listen up, because I’m going to give you different methods on how to get rid of snoring.


Change Sleep Position

Change Sleep Position to get rid of snoring

Sometimes it really is that easy. If you don’t already, try rolling onto your side. Most other sleeping positions, especially sleeping on your back, can lead to air having trouble accessing your airways. This leads to air traveling down your throat, and due to the vibrations of your throat tissue, can cause snoring. So, give sleeping on your side a try if you haven’t already.


Use a Nasal Strip/Dilator

WOman using a Nasal Strip to get rid of snoring

Given we mainly breathe through our noses while we sleep, using a nasal strip or dilator will greatly help to both widen the airways and make sure we’re getting air properly. These are easy to kind over the counter. While nasal strips are put over the bridge of your nose, dilators can be either external or internal. That way you have a few methods to choose from, all of which ensure that you breathe a bit easier.


Get More Sleep

Get more sleep

When someone works long hours on very little sleep, they come home overly tired. They fall asleep faster and harder, their throat tissue relaxing to a point where it becomes, well, floppy. Throat tissue becomes more susceptible to vibrations, which will often cause the person sleeping to snore even louder than they would normally.

If you want to sleep without snoring, you may want to get some more sleep than usual. 7-9 hours has always been the sweet spot for good health in general, and it will help your snoring problem at least a tad. Not to mention, it will be good for your overall health. It isn’t always possible depending on your job, but it’s important nonetheless.


No Alcohol Before Bed

Alcohol before bed makes you snore

I feel like a parent saying this to whomever has decided to read this, but it still rings true: no alcohol before bed. Alcohol relaxes the throat tissue and makes them more pliable to the whims of your breathing when you’re asleep. It can cause snoring, so if you happen to drink before bedtime, and you want your partner to have a silent sleep, you should probably quit it. Now, this doesn’t mean that you should quit alcohol permanently. Not drinking at least 3 hours before bed is usually the key.


Maintain a Moderate Weight

Losing weight to stop snoring

One of the biggest factors leading to snoring is obesity. The more throat tissue there is, even if it’s fatty tissue, the more there is to vibrate. Those who are overweight are far more likely to snore, so if you do happen to be overweight, snoring might be something you do commonly. Maintaining a moderate weight is good not only to stop snoring, but also for your overall health.


Quit Smoking

Quit smoking

At this point you might as well call me the fun police, but the facts are the facts. It’s been said that there’s a link between snoring and smoking, and if you already snore, smoking will only increase it. In fact, children of parents who smoke tend to snore more as well. Thankfully this isn’t a permanent effect, and quitting smoking can help with your snoring problem, as well as improve your health.


Use an Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

Anti snoring device

That’s right, there exist anti-snoring mouthpieces. Like the dilators and the nasal strips, these, too, are over-the-counter. Unlike the dilators and nasal strips, however, these are meant to be reusable and long lasting. You don’t have to throw one out after each use. There are many you can snag for yourself, though hopefully you’re okay with something being in your mouth the entire time you sleep.


No Sedatives

avoid sleep sedatives to get rid of snoring

I advise no sedatives for the same reason I advise more sleep. Sedatives will absolutely conk you out, putting you in a deeper sleep than usual. Deeper sleep means a more relaxed body and throat tissue. Your throat tissue will vibrate, creating that noise we all know and hate with a passion.

It’s understandable that some of you can’t exactly do that. Insomnia is a thing, after all, and not everyone has the luxury of a restful sleep without the aid of some sleep medication. In that case, I would suggest finding an alternative like nasal strips or an anti-snoring mouthpiece.


Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated

We can add this to our long list of “good advice for snoring, but also just in general”. When you’re dehydrated, the secretions in your nasal passages can become stickier, and that can lead to more snoring.

If you’re waking up with dry lips, make sure you get some water into your body. It’s good to be hydrated for your snoring issue, but also for a healthy lifestyle. The standard amount of water per day is 11 cups for women and 16 cups for men.


Consider Medical Options

Medical Options to get rid of snoring

If you’re looking through all of these options and mentally crossing each one out because you’ve either tried them, are not a possible option, or just want a more permanent solution, then medical treatment might be for you. Sometimes you’re not doing anything wrong at all, and your body just has a structural problem. If you have the means, you might be interested in speaking to a medical professional for more options. If you legitimately can’t solve the problem through other means, or you just want to have a more permanent solution than buying nasal strips and dilators every week, this just may be what you’re looking for. Speak to your doctor for more advice and a possible referral.


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