Light at The End of The Tunnel: How to Whiten Your Skin With The Best Products, Home Remedies & Foods

Even though we may have access to more skin products than ever before, the rigours of day-to-day life mean that on the most part it’s just getting worse for many of us.

How to Whiten Your Skin

When stress is combined with pollution and even the sun’s rays, the end result is skin that is anything but balanced. In fact, its tone is completely thrown out of sorts.

Fortunately, there is hope. Today’s article will now look at some ways in which you can lighten your skin, and undo all of the issues we have just mentioned.



Are there any homemade remedies you can try?

homemade remedies to whiten skin

Before we start to name some of the big products that are going to help you along your way here, let’s first take a look at some homemade remedies.


Papaya and honey face mask

It might be renowned for its taste, but let’s not forget the power of papaya when it comes to your skin. This is something that contains papain and alpha hydroxy acids, both of which have been found to dissolve dead cells. The result? Your skin should glow.

Then, when you add the one teaspoon of honey to this, you’ll immediately add a layer of protection.

The best way to use this mask is to mash everything into one paste, before applying it and keeping it on your face for around twenty minutes. Wash off with warm water, before rinsing with cold.


Milk, Honey and Lemon Juice mask

Honey is again contained within this next face mask, but the key here is the lemon juice. This is high in vitamin C, and this is crucial as this is something that has been found to lighten skin. It is also able to help reduce the amount of melanin which is produced, which is again important as this can help you tan.

To use this mask, mix all of the ingredients in a bowl before applying to your face. Leave it for twenty minutes before removing with a splash of warm water.


Yogurt and dried orange peels face mask

As you may have gathered, some of these masks are based on weird and wonderful conventions. This next one might fall into said category, with orange found by several studies to whiten the skin. The fact it is rich in vitamin C also helps, as we have already found out.

This involves a slightly longer process as the orange peels need to be dried in the sun for a couple of days. It’s at this point which you will grind them and mix them into yogurt, which will in turn make this face mask easier to apply. After it has been on your face for the magic twenty-minute mark, rinse off with warm water.


Rice Flour and Aloe Vera scrub

So far, we have only looked at face masks, but scrubs can help you considerably as well. We all know the power of Aloe Vera when it come to your skin – it contains umpteen antioxidants and will both nourish and protect your skin. Then, when it comes to the rice flour, this works its magic by removing dead skin cells.

To make this scrub, take an aloe leaf and obtain the gel that is based within it. Dip this part of the leaf into rice flour before rubbing on your skin. Scrub for several minutes at a time before rinsing off with warm, and then cool water.


What about foods? Can they help as well?

foods that can help whiten skin

Fortunately, there is more. Your diet can help lighten your skin as well and if you tap into certain foods, you can reap the rewards in this respect. Let’s now take a look at some of the best options.


Lemon water

The first member of our list really shouldn’t come as a surprise following the previous section. After all, we have already mulled over all of the benefits that lemon can offer your skin.

As such, the next time you turn to a drink, swap water for lemon water. It’s a natural bleach, and simply involves squeezing a lemon in a glass to get going.



At this point, you are probably expecting to be met with yet another green tea suggestion. After all, this is the beverage that most health experts recommend for everything, right?

Well in this case, let’s surprise you. Standard tea can be just what the doctor ordered this time, for the simple reason that tea is able to lower peroxides. When you consider the fact that this causes skin burn, this is a big reason to turn to it.


Dark chocolate

Fortunately, there’s plenty of rest bite in this section and this starts with dark chocolate. Sure, we’re not going to insist that you turn to bars and bars of this food, but a couple of squares per day will suffice and help your skin no-end. This is because dark chocolate contains flavonoids and polyphenols, both of which can help your skin become a little lighter.


Fruits and vegetables

We’ve been a little general with this next suggestion, but in truth any fruits and vegetables containing vitamin C are going to work this time. This has already been covered in the previous section, but vitamin C can work wonders when it comes to lighter skin and this means that the likes of strawberries and citrus should be firmly on the menu.



Finally, let’s look at oranges. Again, there won’t be many raised eyebrows – oranges were suggested as face masks so it’s completely within reason that they are recommended as part of your diet as well. This is partly due to the vitamin C factor, but also because they can increase collagen production, which in turn prompts new skin cell growth.


Are there any products that can help you along your way?

products that help whiten skin

As we have just seen, there are some really simple ways to lighten your skin and the best thing about all of these methods is that they are completely natural.

Several years ago, had we been writing this article, we may have been forced to guide you towards synthetic agents which were designed to lighten your skin. Now, research means that this isn’t necessary.

However, your plight can be assisted with natural supplementation. Again, we will hone in on the natural-factor here – the product we are about to recommend is completely natural and won’t cause you any nasty side effects.

What are we talking about? Let’s now introduce Zeta White:

zeta white skin lightener


Zeta White Overview

  • Zeta White is a completely natural, topical product that is designed to lighten your skin.
  • This is the definition of a friendly product. It’s natural, it is made in the United Kingdom, it hasn’t been tested on animals and it also happens to be vegan friendly.
  • All of the above means that toxins are a thing of the past – and so are side effects.
  • It works on a 3-point system that takes advantage of a wash, moisturiser and cream. It contains the likes of papaya, lemon and liquorice extract – all of which have been proven to make your skin lighter – to work its magic.
  • The three products retail for a combined $151.84, which is cut remarkably from the RRP of $237.69. Not only that, but the manufacturers have generously inserted a 100% money-back guarantee.


Buy Zeta White directly from the manufacturer online


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Buy Zeta White directly from the manufacturer online

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