7 Quick Fixes for Looking Taller

It’s one of the few things that can’t be changed – it’s nothing to do with your diet, and surgery isn’t going to come to your aid either. Unfortunately, at least for some of us, we’re stuck with our height (or lack of it).

Looking Taller

It means that you have to improvise somewhat if you want to “manipulate it”. While you’re never going to alter the figures shown on the measuring chart, you can at least attempt several tricks which will fool the eye and make you appear taller to those around you.

All of these suggestions involve fashion and if you are serious about “appearing taller”, here are the best style tips to help you do it.


Tip #1 – Opt for the high waist

high waist

Let’s put something of a disclaimer out for this first suggestion; high-waist bottoms certainly aren’t going to be for every girl out there. Additionally, if you wear them wrong, they can be a complete disaster.

However, if you use some common sense with this garment, they can be an absolute Godsend for anyone who is looking to add a few inches to their height line.

Obviously, the design of these shorts mean that they result in a lot of leg showing. The upshot of this is that your lower body will be elongated and suffice to say, this can be the principle aim of any shorter person.

We’ll also add that it doesn’t matter what type of high-waist you opt for, they will all work for the purposes of staying tall. In other words, you can go for skinny jeans, shorts or a skirt in the high-waist style – they’ll all work just fine.


Tip #2 – Accessorize your look with small bags

bag small

One of the biggest mistakes we see small women making is when they carry around a huge shoulder bag on their arms. This is an absolute faux pas – it goes against every rule in the fashion book.

The main trick is to scale your accessories to the size of your body and suffice to say, if you’re somewhat on the small size, a huge bag doesn’t tick this box.

There’s actually a scientific reason behind this as well. Every time your eye sees something wide, it isn’t able to “absorb” as much height. When this is applied to short people with a large shoulder bag, it has obvious repercussions.

Ultimately, you need to opt for the smallest bag you can logistically handle – it will work wonders.


Tip #3 – Stick to one shade

one shade

This is probably one of the simplest techniques you can adopt to make yourself look taller – all it takes is a couple of shrewd choices when it comes to your wardrobe.

Once again, fooling the eye is the centerpiece of this suggestion. As you will find with a lot of the suggestions through this page, the key to “appearing” tall is to create a vertical line. Suffice to say, if you don an outfit which is just one color you will be doing exactly this. You won’t be splitting your body up and will just have this flowing appearance that will do wonders to your appeared height.


Tip #4 – Wear a belt… but keep it skinny

skinny belt

Some might suggest that all belts are a definite no-no when it comes to short women, but we’re going to disagree. The thing that a lot of people find is that if you get your choice of belt wrong, it can completely split your body in half. Obviously, this isn’t going to do any favors to the short person.

The solution is simple – you’ve got to stick to skinny belts. Sure, it will cut you in half in some respects, but it will also emphasize your natural waist in the best way possible.


Tip #5 – Stick to V-necksvneck


As you may have probably realized by now, one of the big secrets of appearing taller is concentrating on the neck. Keeping someone else’s eyes focused on this area is going to enhance the tall-effect – and one way to do this is to be careful with your choice of neck.

Opt for a round neck and everything will appear short. However, if you can stick to a V-neckline, it suddenly gives the opposite illusion. Your torso will now appear longer, and quite possibly leaner, and it can simply transform a woman’s perceived height.


Tip #6 – Go vertical


We’ve hopefully surprised you with a few suggestions on this page so far, but this one can probably be described as an “old classic”.

Most people know the rules when it comes to stripes. If you’re on the short side, it just has to be vertical stripes. They are something that will elongate your whole body, create those elusive long lines and just make your body seem much, much taller.

If on the other hand you were going to opt for horizontal lines, it would have the complete opposite effect and trick the eye into making you look even shorter. We spoke all about the science of eyes and perceived height in our section about bags.


Tip #7 – Short hair always wins

short hair

If you’re on the short side, under no circumstances should you look to be donning long hair. Like a lot of the tips we’ll talk about, it’s all about tricking the eye. If you have hair that slides down your whole body, it goes without saying that it’s going to just emphasize the whole short-factor.

Instead, you should be looking to go off as short as possible. If you can keep it wavy you’re onto a real winner as well, it will highlight your shoulders and neckline which is the main thing that any short person should be looking to do.

As well as the length, another style tip is to opt for the top knot. This is arguably the best hairstyle that any short person can go for – it creates that elusive vertical line and obviously, adds a few of those much-needed inches.

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