5 Ways to Slow Down The Aging Process Once and for All

Unfortunately, providing an immediate halt to the aging process is something that can’t be promised. On the plus side, there are a number of personal care choices that you can make which can at least slow the process down – and ultimately make you look younger for a lot longer.


This isn’t about “investing” in expensive creams either. Sure, some of them might help somewhat, but some of the best ways to avoid piling on the years is to just utilize a little common sense with your everyday personal care decisions.

Now, we’ll take a look at five of the best solutions to avoid the aging process and roll back the years again.


It’s time to bin sugar

bin sugar

It’s been classed as one of the biggest enemies of the body in numerous regards and perhaps unsurprisingly, this applies to the aging process as well. In simple terms, sugar should be avoided, or at least limited, if you are serious about keeping your body young.

Scientifically, it all relates to glycation. This refers to the process where the sugar in your body starts to attach to proteins and create something far more powerful and harmful, going by the name of Advanced Glycation End products.

The problem with these end products (they are abbreviated to AGEs) is that they start to attack other proteins. These other proteins include collagen and elastin and as we all know, these are responsible for keeping our skin looking as young as can be due to their elastic properties. As soon as they start to deteriorate, they become more brittle and this is where the dreaded wrinkles and other similar effects start to occur.

Let’s point out that sugar can come in multiple forms as well; it might be the spoonful’s you dunk into your cup of tea on a morning, or it might be more hidden in something like a “nutrition bar”.


Be wary of makeup


This is perhaps one of the stranger suggestions we have through the guide, for the simple reason that a lot of people turn to makeup in a bid to disguise their wrinkles, or their aging symptoms.

Unfortunately, evidence is starting to mount which suggests that some of the chemicals in these products can wreak havoc with a person’s skin. The chemicals in question are paraben and in simple terms, they can disrupt the female hormone process. The studies showed that overexposure to such chemicals affects ovarian functioning – accelerating the aging process and making you look just a bit older than you really are.

On the plus side, you don’t have to send your makeup to the trash just yet. There are “safe” personal care products that don’t contain such ingredients – so keep checking the labels and ensure that whatever you use is paraben-free.


A reminder on smoking


This next solution is something that you all have hopefully already taken on board. If you haven’t, you have no excuse to complain about the aging process – as smokers are a group who are much more likely to suffer from it.

To put a few numbers into the equation, it’s understood that cigarette smoke contains about 4,000 potential toxicants. It’s these toxins which can make the blood vessels in your skin shrink to record lows. The result of this is that less blood is able to reach your skin, and as such important nutrients and oxygen is not able to find its way there either.

It’s at this point that we should make a point on e-cigarettes. They might have become incredibly popular over the last few years, but exercise immense caution before you decide to swap your traditional cigarettes for these alternatives.

Firstly, there are ongoing investigations from the Food and Drug Administration in relation to their safety. As well as this, the smoke from these cigarettes contains benzene, which has been associated not only with the acceleration of the aging process, but also with cancer.


The stress-factor


Just like the previous risk-factor we spoke about, some of you may have been expecting this next topic on the list. Stress has been linked to all sorts of conditions over the years and to say that it has suddenly become more understood would be an understatement. Suffice to say, correlations have been drawn with aging as well.

Unfortunately, studies in relation to the direct effects of stress and aging are in quite early stages. Something that researchers have been able to distinguish is that stress does cause neural degeneration, lower immunity and cardiovascular problems. This has led many to believe that it automatically affects a person’s youthfulness (or lack of it) as well.

In the advanced cases, nothing other than medical tests are recommended. If your stress is intermittent and perhaps directly related to an event in your life (such as work), try and improve matters through meditation or even exercise.


Avoid processed foods like the plague

processed foods

There’s a lot of spiel donning the internet at the moment in relation to processed foods and unfortunately, much of it is true.

While they might be convenient (and let’s be honest, utterly tasty), in relation to the aging process these foods are doing nothing but harm.

The problem relates to the phosphates that are contained within these. Unfortunately, the issue gets even harder to drill down into, for the simple reason that there are 45 of these different phosphates which throws all sorts of confusion into the equation. This includes the likes of calcium phosphate, sodium phosphate and phosphoric acid – so the list is exhaustive to say the least.

Phosphates are able to weaken your bones and prevent vitamin D from being activated, so the implications on aging are significant to say the least. The solution though is very straightforward to carry out; rather than relying on these processed foods, turn to natural alternatives instead. If you feel as though you have to go for processed, at least purchase ones of the organic variety to limit their impact on your body.

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